12in / 30cm – SILKY STRAIGHT I-TIP Hair Extensions




Pre-Bonded with PURE keratin I-Tip bonds

25 bonds per bundle / set


**weight – 0.8 grams per bond on our longest length (20in/50cm),

all lengths follow the same ratio

***KNOW your cold fusion product!***?
Beware of cold fusion products that are copper based or non-lined links or tubes!? These other methods will cause damage to your own hair!? Copper will cause breakage over a short period of time.? Links/tubes?work BEST and are safest when the inside lining of the attachments are coated with a professional based keratin or silicone.? This not only protects your natural hair, but also avoids slipping.? The actual extension itself SHOULD NOT?SHED and should be of top quality human hair.?? Cold fusion can be your best friend, as long as you are using the right product!?


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