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Fusion Hair Extensions

The  Fusion Hair Extension method has gained in popularity and ensures a head of hair which blends in most naturally with your own.

This process is one in which 20 to 30 strands of the extended hair have an application of warm keratin bond put on them by means of a keratin gun. The extended hair is then attached to a small portion of your own hair and the two lots of hair are rolled together until a smooth protein bond is made. Work then begins on another strand. Usually, it requires around 150 separate strands to be applied to complete a full head of hair for a woman and it takes about three hours to complete. The goal is to find a hair supplier with a good keratin bond. We recommend Pierre Diamond Trends because the bond is a thick pure keratin bond- similar to the protein in your own hair. It will not crack or break like some of the cheaper bonds.

The process we have described above forms the “hot” fusion method. A second fusion method exists known as the “cold” method. This too uses keratin-based polymer for attaching the hair extensions to the original hair but it is not a heat-based process and experts feel that it is probably better for people who have thin or fine hair.

In both these methods, the process begins from the nape of the neck and is worked up to the crown. And you have to decide on a hairstyle before you begin the process because the style and the parting have to be incorporated right at the beginning.

Anyhow, whichever method you use, you will have to be prepared for an expenditure which is more than other some ways of extending your hair (weaving and clipping). But it is t worth it. So if you are going in for an image-makeover, you might as well select the process of Fusion Hair Extensions which is more likely to be longer lasting and which significantly enhances your appearance.


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