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How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

Indian Remy Hair Extensions

If you’ve decided to invest in hair extensions, you should make sure to go with the highest quality hair extensions to ensure the lifespan of your investment. Most extensions of quality should last approximately 12 months with the proper care. Although quality virgin Indian Remy hair extensions are fashioned from the most beautiful and high quality hair in the world, there will be several procedures you  will need to follow in order to maximize the lifespan of your hair. First and foremost, you will need to ensure that she uses the right products to care for the hair. This list of products include special shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant spray.

The next step in being able to answer the question of how long will they last will be to educate yourself about  hair extensions. There is a procedure that must be followed in order to have the highest quality hair. The hair is first sterilized, processed and colored before it is created into extensions. Because these hair extensions do not have the protective oils that one’s natural hair does, it can dry out and thin over time from too much brushing. Eventually, the Remy hair extensions will need to be replaced, but their average lifespan is much longer than that of synthetic hair.

Certain climate conditions can also play an influential role in how long a woman’s quality virgin Indian Remy hair last. For example, prolonged exposure to excessive levels of humidity can affect the hair’s ability to reflect light, affecting its shiny appearance. Specific activities like swimming, which exposes hair to chlorine can also affect how long  hair extensions last. As aforementioned, the use of necessary hair care products will be essential to prolong the lifespan of your extensions.

The numerous factors that play a role in the health of  hair will be different from one woman to another. However, in clinical trials and in consumer written reviews, these type of beauty products have been reported to last an average of 12 months. There are some women who even received up to 14 months of use from their extensions, but these quotations should not be taken as a guarantee- depending on one’s lifestyle and how they care for the extensions. A company who sells  hair extensions cannot guarantee a certain number of days that the extensions will last, but can make an educated assumption based on how well their product has held up for their average buyer and how well the quality of their extensions are. Chinese hair extensions are much cheaper than the indian hair extensions. For the average wearer, a set of good quality indian remy hair extensions will last much longer than a cheap set of chinese hair extensions.

However, overall, the average lifespan of  a good quality set of extensions from a reputable supplier make them a good investment for women who would like to buy them.

Our recommended supplier of good quality indian remy hair extensions is – Pierre Diamond Trends.


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Fusion Hair Extensions

The  Fusion Hair Extension method has gained in popularity and ensures a head of hair which blends in most naturally with your own.

This process is one in which 20 to 30 strands of the extended hair have an application of warm keratin bond put on them by means of a keratin gun. The extended hair is then attached to a small portion of your own hair and the two lots of hair are rolled together until a smooth protein bond is made. Work then begins on another strand. Usually, it requires around 150 separate strands to be applied to complete a full head of hair for a woman and it takes about three hours to complete. The goal is to find a hair supplier with a good keratin bond. We recommend Pierre Diamond Trends because the bond is a thick pure keratin bond- similar to the protein in your own hair. It will not crack or break like some of the cheaper bonds.

The process we have described above forms the “hot” fusion method. A second fusion method exists known as the “cold” method. This too uses keratin-based polymer for attaching the hair extensions to the original hair but it is not a heat-based process and experts feel that it is probably better for people who have thin or fine hair.

In both these methods, the process begins from the nape of the neck and is worked up to the crown. And you have to decide on a hairstyle before you begin the process because the style and the parting have to be incorporated right at the beginning.

Anyhow, whichever method you use, you will have to be prepared for an expenditure which is more than other some ways of extending your hair (weaving and clipping). But it is t worth it. So if you are going in for an image-makeover, you might as well select the process of Fusion Hair Extensions which is more likely to be longer lasting and which significantly enhances your appearance.


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How to Choose the Best Human Hair Extension Supplier For Your Salon Business

Performing hair extensions has become one of the most lucrative work that a salon can accomplish, but the quality of the work is actually equal to the quality of the hair that is purchased from the human hair extensions vendor.
Fusion hair extensions have become increasing popular but again, even though using the pure keratin bonds are a supreme method to attach hair extensions, again your best methods may be destroyed because of the laxness of your human hair extensions supplier. As in all things, quality shows and the customer goes away happy, beautiful and satisfied for a longer amount of time!

Deciding on whom you will use for hair extensions is both difficult as well as very frustrating as you will be spending a lot of time and expense with your customer to be sure to deliver a high quality product. The choice of high quality hair is that your customer will agree with you that your work lasted as opposed to those salons who use the cheapest hair they can find. The virgin Remy Indian hair, for example, has all the cuticles solidly intact and they are set in an unidirectional method so that there is no tangling when brushed or combed out.

Cheap human hair will either not match the texture or shine of your client, or it may pull out easily and therefore not last anywhere near as long as it should. Further, cheap human hair extensions have been known to damage the root system of the client, and lead to time-consuming lawsuits, not to mention the loss of money that the salon will experience in both money spent fighting in court and in direct loss if the salon loses the case.

A professional hair extensionist can match color as accurately as possible, as well as having human hair that will be naturally curly for those needing curly hair, or wavy if that’s what is called for. Hair that has been treated to become curly will break off, look unnatural when mixed with naturally curly hair, as well as falling apart much quicker than using a proper human hair extensions vendor, we recommend using the folks at Pierre Diamond Trends. Pure quality does not shed nor tangle.

Some human hair extensions suppliers use hair that is from a single draw and some from double drawn hair. It’s important to know your supplier well when ordering because one cannot rely that even expensive single drawn hair will be of higher quality than double drawn hair.

Ask your supplier if the hair that you are purchasing has ever been stretched. Stretching hair allows for longer length, however it will dry out the hair, as well as make it easy to tangle, and you will receive hair that has extremely thin ends.

To be sure of getting the highest quality, it’s best to order or ask for samples prior to committing to an order. Practice using the hair on a mannequin to ensure the quality is something you are willing to install on your client. Ask your human hair extension vendor for details about the hair prior to ordering.

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Pure Indian Remy Hair

For years now women have been, what appears to be, indulging themselves in a cosmetic boom that is sweeping the nation. Hollywood stars and members of society have stumbled upon a cosmetic addition that functions as a filler for hair that can add volume and length to any head – hair extensions.

This ingenious addition to the health and beauty industry is powerful enough to take the fine, limp, natural hair and turn it into a head of hair that is thick and full again……increasing self-esteem. Women have several reasons for wanting to change the current look. Even though some may be just for that purpose, other women have been gradually losing the natural hair they were born with. Although in some situations hair extensions may appear to be an unnecessary cosmetic fix, they help women regain confidence within themselves after a drawn out process of hair loss.

Hair extensions come in several different grades and colors. Some financial decisions lead users to purchasing a lower costing extension. At the time the savings may appear to be evident, in the long run the true restrictions are visible. Ponytails are not allowed, changing the hair color, swimming and many more. When an individual decides to add hair to the existing, it would be nice to know that there are not many restrictions….if any. It is nice to have the additional hair, but it would even better to know that the added hair can be treated just like the hair she was born with.

Salons have the advantage to purchase hair extensions at a lower cost then retail because they purchase in bulk- or wholesale orders. This gives them the opportunity to profit from the sale of the hair as well as the application. Some companies will only sale wholesale and require a minimum order. Other suppliers do not have a minimum order but will require a larger order to qualify for a volume discount. The quality of hair that a salon purchases is important. A low quality hair will mean that customer is not coming back for repeat business. It’s very important for a salon to purchase only the best quality hair on the market. In this economy, repeat business is everything.

Our Recommended Supplier of Hair Extensions